Tuesday, June 30

First, Pomona/Ringo, and Ze'eva/Faola'n



Names meaning Wolf

Wolf: Ookami, Urufu,
Hungary Wolf: Garou



Ulv, Varg




Wolf: Nagy Kan, Farkas
Grimwolf: Kegyetlen Farkas, Vad Farkas
Werewolf: Farkasember

Wolf: Lupo
Werewolf: Lupo Mannaro
Wolfish: Lupino
Lone Wolf: Solitario


Conall: Strong Wolf (Gaelic, Boy)
Faola'n: Little Wolf (Gaelic, Boy)
Ze'eva: Wolf (Hebrew, Girl)
Ze'evi: Wolf (Hebrew, Boy)
Lyulf: Fire Wolf (English, Boy)
Rafe: Wolf Council (Germanic, Boy)

Progress... slowly

I'm almost finished with my first business plan. Just working on the financial pages now. I've a business account. I have an Etsy shop up, and more items to add to it soon. Of course, now that the ball is rolling, all those little tiny money mistakes from years ago that I forgot all about are going to rear their ugly tiny heads and start gnawing through my ankles. It's already started, but I'll put an end to that A.S.A.P.

Getting back on track here, I also have two more heads almost finished! Yay! Pomona/Ringo and Ze'eva/Faola'n. I will have pictures up later tonight.

Tuesday, June 23

Paper Doll Skirt

Yes, a "Paper Doll Skirt". This is actually, one of the first things I made after my discovery of Asian Ball Jointed Dolls. Art paper, fabric and leather cord. It has a corseted style tie in back so it's a little adjustable in size. Here it is on Yuu Gottit, my Dollzone Yuu. He's a 70cm doll and about the largest it will fit. I think the skirt's range is about 55-70cm dolls.
The red paper has gold butterflies on it and the blue paper has orange and yellow flowers. The top fabric layer has dots and flowers and the bottom fabric has a sort of scale design. The skirt has a bit of a tail in back and the paper layers have scalloped edges.

Amber Ess on Etsy

Hey I just posted some clothes up on Etsy. Sales equal start-up $ for Manufacturing the Dolls. So please check them out ^_^* FANtasticBJD.Etsy.com I've got some aprons, skirts and pants, and a cute little heart shaped quilt & Pillow set. And more to come. I just have to learn how to take better photos... talk about blury.

I've noticed that I don't really have an exellent eye for taking pictures of my work. I think, maybe I'm just too impatient to really set things up properly, and I have kind of a sloppy eye for lighting. Well, practice makes better and all that.